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About Me


Hi! I’m Jens.

Years ago, when my family and I visited my sister in her new appartment, she offered to make us some tea. While we grew up in a family that drinks tea regularly, I had not come across a white tea before. So my sister prepared a Yin Zhen white tea in a medium sized, plain white bowl and served it to us.


This one cup of tea sparked my lasting interest in tea, which over the years got more and more elaborate and – of course – expensive. I have since tried innumerable teas and read everything that I could get my hands on.

There are times that my obsession with tea results in meeting awesome people, as I have met some of my best friends solely by offering a tea!  If you ever visited an organized meet-up of tea addicts, we might even have met eachother, too.


About This Blog


Finally, in 2019, I started a blog to share my experiences and write in-depth articles on anything related to tea, teaware and tea culture. I would be more than happy to read about your impressions and experiences, too! If you’ve got something interesting to share with me, feel free to contact me.

While this blog is all about tea, I will not be covering tea that is not made from camellia sinensis. I am sure there are good teas out there that are made from roiboos or bambus, but I am not really into that kind of tea. 

With my resources being limited to the budget I set myself for tea and teaware, I will not be able to show off a huge collection of yixing clay tea pots or the most expensive and scarce teas. My blog is about the tea and teaware that I can get my hands on and the best information and answers I can research or derive for you.