Are Antique Teacups Safe To Drink From? 7 Things to Know

Antique tea bowl and tea cup.

Collecting antique teacups can be a great way of appreciating history. Through the years I’ve collected quite a few of them and I strongly believe that antiques should not only be appreciated for their beauty. Antique teacups should serve a more practical purpose, too! But to stay safe with antique teacups you need to keep … Read more

Do Teacups Make A Difference? Sizes, Shapes, Materials

Various chinese and japanese tea cups.

When it comes to choosing a teapot, many tea enthusiasts consider the material, shape, volume, thickness and the tea that they want to make in it before purchase. Why don’t we do that with our teacups? The teacups do have a major influence on the taste, smell, and feel of the tea we drink, but … Read more

How To Clear And Clean A Tea Strainer And Cleaners To Avoid

Two common types of tea strainers.

Almost everyone I know that has tried loose leaf tea owns one of these clam-shell design tea strainers. After just one or two tea sessions, they will start to get darker and darker through tea stains. How do you clean a tea strainer properly? If you look around, you will find many methods that people … Read more